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Topic: How to sell on the phone by Judy McKee

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Doris Schebler

How to sell on the phone by Judy McKee


Judy McKee is a nationally known motivational speaker, seminar leader, sales trainer and author. Her personal philosophy of motivation through education and commitment shines clearly throughout her presentations.

The customer may decide whether or not to do business based on how they are treated when they call your company.

"Awesome!! I was nominated for CUNA Mutual Groups "Values in Practice Award" for my passion in providing excellent customer service and providing feedback to team members using the Positive Coach Approach. I would like personally thank you and your mom for the excellent training and encouragement along the way."
Laurie Boeckman, Cuna Mutual

"Seriously, her approach to Call Center activity and Telemarketing is a total "hand-in-glove" fit with Red Carpet, Great Place to Work, Brand Drivers, StrengthsFinders and all the rest. And on top of it her methods get results. I saw it first hand when I was working with the Hartford Insurance Company She is a fantastic or I should say Phoneominal Trainer. And her LAMA Technique is a methodology that WORKS."
Kevin Cook, Sovereign Bank

"Judy, this is the first time that I have had an opportunity to attend one of your sessions, it was excellent, thank you. I would really appreciate a copy of your LAMA material if you could please forward that to me."
The Washington REDSKINS

"Judy, you did a wonderful thing, you helped me to be more accepting and even liking/enjoying myself better. That was neat. More confidence. Now you did intend that didn't you? And I am thankful for that."
NCR Agent

"Dear Ms. McKee: In all of the years of my training and trying to teach customer service, I never knew anyone who could do it better…you can. The best part of your program? It works at home as well. I learned about life as well and telesales. I think you should call your course: The Psychology of Telesales Selling. Thanks again. I shall carry the torch!"
James Kong - Care Credit

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"After your training in "The Positive Coach Approach, my Coaching sessions were very comfortable, there was no trouble communicating on both ends! Also, with each session, I asked "what else?" 2-3 times because I wanted them to really come up with the good things in their calls, and they did! What I especially liked was acknowledging them both several times really leaving them with the feeling that the call was a good call and the challenge was so easy to correct."

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